Thursday, September 22, 2011

Catching My Breath

It's been a long while since I've even thought about writing.  Summer was a "working" summer.  My kids started school in three different buildings (two different school systems).  I've started a new job at a new level (moved from pre-K teacher to FINALLY teaching in my field of secondary education--Yeah!).  My husband is starting a grad program.  I'm finishing up a certificate program.  Then there were all the other things like the friend crisis (death of a husband), a new roof (2nd in two years), all new siding, all new gutters, visits to family, 5,000 back-to-school things, family visits here, etc.  Normal life "stuff" that most all seem to be balancing better than I.  I think now I can finally take a breath.
This weekend I'm hoping to reassemble my house on the main floor.  I've got boxes everywhere of school "stuff."  I'm hoping a rediscover where I placed my camera that disappeared the week before school.  I also hoping that this is not our family's new "normal."  I need a little more calm and organization.  Nonetheless--I'd say life is good.  I cannot wait to get back to reading blogs, etc.