Monday, October 25, 2010

Strange Find

Given the right state-of-mind when cleaning, you can find a great deal of humor.  You may wonder "What in the world WAS that?" to the item in the couch cushion.  "How long has that been there?"  "I thought this was lost forever!"  "Oooooh!  Quarter--it's mine!"  "How in the world did THAT get THERE?"--I had the latter morning.

My husband did know where to find a fork to take in his lunch today.  (Really?!?!?!)  We only have miscellaneous plastic utensils as leftovers from a fast food carryout.  I looked in the silverware drawer for a fork I wouldn't miss should it never return.  I found not one, but TWO bubble wands instead.  Hum?!?  I don't even want to know.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Running Attempt . . . AGAIN!

I've been whining about my running all summer, and just when I was developing strength and consistency--school started.  I became the lowest priority in the house.  A friend of mine runs in a group called Miles That Matter.  She's mentioned it several times over the past year, but about the first time I had just finished a marathon training by myself.  Who needs a group?
To answer my own question--me!  I now need a group, and this one seems organized and has a purpose.  The group is called Miles That Matter ( ).  A big percent of the registration fee off the top goes to charity.  I'm getting ready to head there for a dark 7 a.m. run this morning.  I'm going to train (but not run) for the Princess 1/2 Marathon at the end of February.  My new, revised goal is to run a spring half-marathon (maybe the Flying Pig--it's about an hour from my house).  So here goes attempt number 381 to get in shape!


I have a dilemma.  Last night two of my three children were gone for the evening and my husband was out of the house running a long errand.  I put on a movie for my son to watch while I baked a triple batch of "breakfast cookies." to eat and to freeze.
This recipe is yummy (I really do NOT like raisin cookies).  It contains dried fruit & banana chips, nuts, whole wheat flour, rolled oats, and brown sugar.  I eat them before I run or take them for a hearty snack.  I baked the first half noting that I didn't remember the batter had such a moist consistency.  I was placing the next batch in the oven when I remembered . . . I forgot to add the oats!!! 

Since I forgot the "breakfast" in the breakfast cookies, they are now just cookies.  My dilemma--can I dip them in chocolate?  (BTW--the last half of the cookies I baked had the oats added.  I'm eating one now.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Technically, I am employed five mornings; however, I've worked and/or volunteered almost full-time since school started.  It has been an adjustment for the family to pick up the slack a little.  No one has been hit harder by this adjustment--or so I thought--than the dog.  She was accustomed to everyone home 24/7 during the summer, and now she's home alone from 7 to 4 every day. I felt sorry for her . . . until today.
I was able to venture home for two hours this afternoon.  I pulled in the driveway around one in the afternoon.  Upon entering the house, I heard a "Thud!" upstairs.  I knew immediately the sound was the dog jumping off the bed.  She is NEVER allowed on our bed.  That smart dog sleeps on our bed all day and knows when to hop down to keep out of trouble.  The best part of it was the guilty look on her face knowing her "gig" has been busted.  And to think we all felt sorry for her!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Mom-of-the-Year Moment

My husband and I "banter" about purchasing organic milk.  He says it's a scam because it is expensive and doesn't taste like milk.  I tell him that as much milk as our family drinks (minus him), buying organic half the time isn't a bad idea.  So I was out shopping and needed milk--I bought two half-gallon cartons of organic at a warehouse store (which may or may not be relevant).  We had my sister's family of five visiting and the fridge was full, so I pour one of the cartons into the gallon jug already in the fridge--it all just fit.  That was Sunday afternoon.  All was good.
Tuesday morning my daughter opened the new 1/2 gallon and poured it on her cereal.  She immediately started whining it tasted bad.  Of course I growled at her something about how her father has her brain-washed that organic milk is not milk.  "No mom--it really smells kind of sour."  So I yanked the carton off the counter, checked the expiration date (which was good), and took a regretable big wiff.  The milk was spoiled.  Oh yes, another episode to record for my mom-of-the-year award. 

FYI--I did apologize for doubting her.  This act should win me SOME brownie points.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Who Can Argue?

Another funny incident that happened recently at work brought chuckles to many people.  I have THE cutest little boy in my class (actually I got about eleven of them, but . . . )--I won't describe just in case anyone I know reads this blog, but he truly has the face and voice of an angel.  ANYWAY . . . we try very hard to teach our students not to waste the resources God has blessed us with--including when we are in the bathroom.  They should only use one pump of soap and two big pulls of papertowels.

This cute little boy was using the multi-pump technique for getting soap (where the children have more mass of soap than they have mass of hands).  I reminded him that we only need one pump of soap to get our hands clean.  He looked at me, smiled, and replied, "But Mrs. *****, God wanted me to have two pumps."  I'm not going to argue with God--would you?

Preschool Perception of Jesus

I teach pre-kindergarten at my own children's school five mornings a week.  Even though my degree is secondary education, I've worked with young kids for over a dozen years so I could be close to my own children.  I am anxious to get into my field; however, I do love, love, love what I do right now.  There is something so innocent, so exciting, and so funny about children this age. 

I was sitting with a small group and just talking about life in general.  One of the children said something, and I replied, "Isn't it awesome that God takes such good care of us."

Another child chimed in, "And Jesus, too!!!"

"I know," I answered, "Isn't that amazing!"

Another child was part of this group, but was wandering off to another area.  As he was leaving he said with his back to us, "Yeah!  Especially since he is a lamb!"  Obviously his family was having similar conversations at home.  It just made me smile.