Friday, July 27, 2012

Creature of Habit

Just got done from "vacationing" (aka--visiting family six hours away).  Since we took a detour to St. Louis, my parents graciously offered to watch our dog for a week.  I will pick her up when I pick up my son on Monday (couple of bonus days for one-on-one spoiling with the grandparents).

Bedtime last night was . . . weird.  First, when I put down my footrest, I checked for the dog.  Obviously, she (all 70 lbs. of her) wasn't in her usual spot right underneath me.  I went to the sink to get my nightly water and refill her dish . . . not necessary.  I always grab her a snack at bedtime . . . again, not necessary.  I walked the steps and was ready to give my sleeping son a kiss goodnight--he is sleeping at the grandparents.  (I would not dare open the teen girls' rooms for fear of violating some unwritten teen/parent code--ha! ha!).  As I walked into our bedroom, I asked my husband if I could bring him water & a snack and kiss him on the head goodnight.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Crazy--probably.  Creature of habit--most definitely.