Sunday, May 23, 2010

Twenty-four Hours Later

By Friday night, I was pretty wiped.  I've been married-single mom ALOT lately, plus it's the crazy end of the school year.  I needed to clean and to work on a couple of school-related projects, but I forced myself to do the Friday Night Sew-In.  Glad I took that time out.  It cleared my mind and will hopefully bless others.  Unfortunately . . . this is the scene I woke to early Saturday morning: 
UGH!  What a mess!
Please note the juxtaposition of organic orange slices next to the McD's happy meal drink--I'm such a good mom!
I did spend Saturday morning "liesurely" cleaning up.  I didn't rush around.  I sipped my smoothie and coffee (another excellent example of juxtaposition between healthy & junk) between relocating mounds of papers.  I snacked before I mopped.  I read the paper before the counters got wiped down.  I did actually run a couple miles, picked up a my own child from a sleep over, and spent about an hour and half mowing 3/4 of the lawn that night.  My reward . . . I woke to this Sunday morning: 
This makes me happy!
I love before and after pictures.  (Notice I didn't post any before/after pics of the rest of the house--shhhhh!)I'm off to drink my coffee (a gift mailed to me by my mother-in-law's husband), read the paper, and enjoy the quiet in the house . . . before we all trash my clean kitchen and start the process over again.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Prayer Shawls Complete

I took time out to do the Friday Night Sew-In.  I'm pleased to say that I completed two projects for our church's prayer shawl ministry.  I think these are fairly gender neutral.  They are large enough to keep the chill off, but small enough not to get caught up in a wheel chair.

I will hand-quilt a large heart in the center block of each quilt.  I hope these two lap quilts find a good home!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I've been running for everyone else this week--now it is my turn for a couple of hours.  I'm excited to complete a couple of projects . . . hopefully. 
See the following link to join in the fun:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Game

Last week on FB I posted "Flower or Weed."  This week's game is "What-Is-This-&-How-Do-I-Eat-It?"  Process of elimination tells me it is kohlrabi, but I need to research to be sure.  Then I need to figure out how to eat it. 
I want to be a healthy eater--I'm hoping these deliveries will give me that added push.  (Plus the adventure of trying new foods).  I'm off to find kohlrabi recipes . . .

Organic Produce Delivery

I just got my second shipment from the local organic farmer.  All these veggies and fruits just makes me want to eat healthy (plus I don't want to waste food . . . especially that for which I paid).  I need to adjust to all of the "greens."  We do eat salad--but now need to eat more.  I think at least once a week I need to make some sort of bean-and-greens soup.  I tried tonight for the first time--it wasn't too bad.  Pair it w/ a salad or a sandwhich and I think I can get most in the family to enjoy.  The toughest critic is the daddy--and he's gone for another nearly 2-week stint.  I have some more time to "perfect" things.
I'm grabbing an apple and heading to bed (I already ate the icecream bar--sssshhhhh!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Flower or Weed?

I just posted my first 2010 entry for "Flower or Weed" on Facebook.  I suspect it is weed--doesn't look like any of those nursery plants.  In addition, it is out of place.  If it were a flower, I'd transplant it to an appropriate site.  I would definately say weed, but it doesn't have any thorns or stickers, nor is it multiplying at an exponential rate.
Right now the vote on FB is that it is a weed.  Too bad.  I like the tiny flowers.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother and mother-figures in our lives!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

Though my teaching certificate is 7-12 grade, I've been working in early childhood education for many years--primarily it allows me the opportunity to work part-time so I can be a full-time mom.  I have a ball teaching this age group--and have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years because I work in the world's best environment.  I take my job seriously and put quite a bit of time into planning my three mornings a week. 
We've been studying gardening and the role bugs, etc. play in God's perfect plan for our world.  Eric Carle's The Very Clumsy Click Beetle seemed like an appropriate literature component for this particular lesson . . . until . . . one child (cute as a button, of course) informed the entire class that some beetles eat poo.  After the laughter died down, my "perfect lesson" turned into a discussion of dung beetles.  Just shows who REALLY is in charge of the classroom.

Mother's Night Surprise

This week the kindergarten class hosted a "Mother's Night."  This time is designed for kindergarten mommies and their child(ren) to spend some quality time with homemade "gifts" (including a beautiful necklace and coffee filter hat), artwork (portrait of mommy and some guesses to mommy's age, weight, special talents, etc.), prayer, dessert, and a mini-concert.  My son, who is normally pretty quiet, sang a solo . . . TO ME . . . in front of about 150 people.  A couple other children sang the same part of this song.  I was sitting in a row with several women in the same "demographic" group as me--blubbering, 40-&-olders who think their children are their entire world.  Below is the link to my precious son's solo.
My daughter's were there to help out (service hours), and they also thought their brother was the sweetest thing . . . until the mini-sparring began in the carride home.  Well--all good things must come to an end sometime.  God has blessed me with the three best kids in the world.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A "Rich" Dessert

My sister had a party for her daughter's first communion.  Her husband is a doctor, and she totally believes that entitles her to certain priveledges and responsibilities (when convenient).  We tease her about this.  While sitting eating dessert--a pretty, frosted bundt cake--she told my husband to guess how much she paid for these bundt cakes (she had them shipped to IL from Las Vegas).  Long story shorter, EACH normal-sized bundt cake was $75!!!!!
I posted the picture of this desert on her facebook page.  For less than $1 per person, our family enjoyed pound cake with fresh berries from Sam's Club.  Not as fancy sounding as ordering from Las Vegas.  I assure you it was as tasty as it looked.