Sunday, May 23, 2010

Twenty-four Hours Later

By Friday night, I was pretty wiped.  I've been married-single mom ALOT lately, plus it's the crazy end of the school year.  I needed to clean and to work on a couple of school-related projects, but I forced myself to do the Friday Night Sew-In.  Glad I took that time out.  It cleared my mind and will hopefully bless others.  Unfortunately . . . this is the scene I woke to early Saturday morning: 
UGH!  What a mess!
Please note the juxtaposition of organic orange slices next to the McD's happy meal drink--I'm such a good mom!
I did spend Saturday morning "liesurely" cleaning up.  I didn't rush around.  I sipped my smoothie and coffee (another excellent example of juxtaposition between healthy & junk) between relocating mounds of papers.  I snacked before I mopped.  I read the paper before the counters got wiped down.  I did actually run a couple miles, picked up a my own child from a sleep over, and spent about an hour and half mowing 3/4 of the lawn that night.  My reward . . . I woke to this Sunday morning: 
This makes me happy!
I love before and after pictures.  (Notice I didn't post any before/after pics of the rest of the house--shhhhh!)I'm off to drink my coffee (a gift mailed to me by my mother-in-law's husband), read the paper, and enjoy the quiet in the house . . . before we all trash my clean kitchen and start the process over again.

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  1. Lovely pics....I liked the 'after' one. Nice work on getting the miles in, as it seems like you are crazy busy! Are you training for a race?