Friday, June 24, 2011

World's Dumbest Dog

So I get rid of the husband and kids, but I still have the dog.  She HATES to travel, and my husband claims not to be fond of her.  It made sense to leave her at home because most of the time she is low maintainence.  I took her on what was supposed to be a "quick walk" before supper.  On our way home, I cut through the back of our yard which I rarely do.  She stopped while I picked up a toy, then she started to roll . . . on something . . . very . . . gross.
I'll save the graphics (and I couldn't go back to see WHAT specificially it was because I had a gag relex working against me), but she rolled in something white that gooed all over her black fur and reaked to high heaven.  Did I mention this dog, though a retriever, HATES water?  I had to hose her down.  Since noone was home, I couldn't run in and get shampoo--I just had to spray this poor cowering, slimy, stinking thing.  I swear I can smell her now--and that was five hours ago.


It is official--for the first time in 14.5 years, I get to spend the night alone without kids or husband!!!!!  I should feel bad (I haven't seen two of my children--who are staying with their grandparents--for four days), but I really do not. 
Tonight I've messed around on the computer, recovered a chair cushion, watched a movie (an oldie--Dead Poet's Society), and started to work on my homework for two on-line classes I'm taking.  I had to stop since I felt a little guilty enjoying a glass of wine while writing about the sacraments and about Catholic doctrine.  I haven't gotten to that chapter yet; however, I think there are rules against doing such things.  I'm off to bed to read a book (The Catcher in the Rye) or watch another movie.  I'm sure I'll make it about five minutes before my wine-induced sleep takes over.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Ultimate Fantasy May Come True

I think (though I am almost too nervous to post) that my ultimate fantasy may come true tomorrow.  I've asked my husband to do this for me for years.  I have not been alone in my own home for more than a few hours since my oldest child was born--back in the 1990's.  Frequently, I travelled to Illinois with my three children (and no husband) to visit all of our family for either one long or a couple short visits.  I've hinted, asked and begged my husband to take them for a weekend . . . WITHOUT ME.
Guess what?!?!  I think he is actually going to do it!  I could be alone in my own home from noon Friday until Sunday afternoon!!!!!!!  My plans include hot uninterrupted baths, reading, and a bottle (or two) of wine.  Not one more expectation.  Just me, myself, and I.  Not inviting friends.  Solitude.  If only I could get my husband to take the dog . . .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bird Vs. Deck

I am trying to clean and paint our deck.  One problem--three new baby birds have recently hatched and are residing in the bush touching the front corner of our deck.  The birds have screamed at me and have even dived at me despite my attempts to talk sweetly and rationally with them.  I will not attempt to get too close to the corner (yes--the deck will look odd) for fear of the parents abandoning the babies.
After the final deck rinse today, I took out a plate of bird seed as a peace offering.  I wonder if they will let me paint tomorrow?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Facebook apology

The first day of summer vacation and my daughter earned a grounding.  She did not give full disclosure about an outing with her and a friend.  Nothing major, but her behavior has been escalating.  This temporary pause will hopefully be the reset button we need.

As part of her grounding, she needed to write an apology note to me.  I was specific in what the note should entail.  She completed it correctly--and sent it to me via Facebook messages.  Gggrrrrrrr!  I guess I was not specific in the method of delivery.  I was thinking pen and paper; do teens use these any more?

Proud Mom #2

Well, the marathon I was toying with running is closed (execpt for charity entries)--bummer!  So I thought I needed a new goal . . . until Wednesday night.  It was hot, hot, hot here on Wednesday--about low/mid 90's.  I am a 60 to 70 degree sort of woman.  Anything colder, I whine.  Anything warmer, I whine.

They have a trail running series through a local running club.  Wednesday it was at a trail five miles from here.  My husband had a late work committment.  My eldest spent the entire day at a theme/water park and was wiped out.  My younger daughter said she would like to try it. 
We finished the 5-mile trail in about 66 minutes.  We were 139 & 140th out of 160 people.  Considering the heat and the terrain, I was happy.  My daugher was thrilled to learn she got first in her age group.  Actually--there were four children under the age of 17 running the race; she was the only girl.  She never needs to know that info.

Proud Mother

My oldest child graduated from eigth grade last week.  I thought this would be an emotional event for me since she has attended the same private school with the basically the same sixty kids for the past nine years.  The public high school she will be attending has nearly 3,000 students (bigger than the entire town in which I grew up!).  I felt very at ease with this transitioning because I've seen large emotional, social, spiritual growth in her over the past year.
The only point I was emotional is during the awards ceremony.  My daughter is like me--she works fairly hard for every "B" she gets.  She's not a star athlete.  Most of the awards ceremony was dedicated to scholarship winners going to Catholic high schools.  There were approximately five awards, however, that were voted on by peers.  My daughter won the "Nicest to Everyone" award.  I was overwhelmed with joy and pride for her and the choices she has made.

Now that we've settled into summer, I wonder when I have to have the talk with her about how nice girls finish last--that is what I am currently going through, but that's another post.

Hail Storm

Two weeks ago I was a volunteer timer for a rescheduled track meet.  They were trying to hurry these two events because a "BIG STORM" was headed our way.  I grew up in the midwest--if I had a dollar for every "big storm" predicted . . .
As my assigned runner was getting ready to cross the finish line with the ominous looking clouds in the background, the tornado siren blew.  I located both daughters who happened to be on the track and, like everyone else, went to take shelter in the bathrooms under the stadium.  My husband and son greeted me under the stadium, and without a fight sought shelter in the other bathroom.
The sirens stopped and we were instructed to get the heck out of here.  We pulled into our driveway less than two minutes before a hailstorm like I never experienced began.  The noise of these enormous, golfball-sized and larger hailstones hitting the house was deafening, frightening, and amazing all at once.  I was shocked that none of our windows were damaged.  Thankfully, no one in the area was hurt; however, there was widespread hail and wind damage.  The entire back of our home has over 100 holes/cracks like those pictured above.  The contractor yesterday told me that our brand new roof probably needs replaced, too.  The funny thing is--I wasn't bothered in the slightest by this damage.  Knowing no humans were hurt unlike similar storms recently across the country--it is simply replaceable/repairable "stuff."