Friday, June 10, 2011

Proud Mom #2

Well, the marathon I was toying with running is closed (execpt for charity entries)--bummer!  So I thought I needed a new goal . . . until Wednesday night.  It was hot, hot, hot here on Wednesday--about low/mid 90's.  I am a 60 to 70 degree sort of woman.  Anything colder, I whine.  Anything warmer, I whine.

They have a trail running series through a local running club.  Wednesday it was at a trail five miles from here.  My husband had a late work committment.  My eldest spent the entire day at a theme/water park and was wiped out.  My younger daughter said she would like to try it. 
We finished the 5-mile trail in about 66 minutes.  We were 139 & 140th out of 160 people.  Considering the heat and the terrain, I was happy.  My daugher was thrilled to learn she got first in her age group.  Actually--there were four children under the age of 17 running the race; she was the only girl.  She never needs to know that info.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing a challenging race!
    Love that she placed - no need to tell her all the details!