Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our household is pretty has a pretty laid back atmosphere.  During the school year we are busy, but generally it is semi-controlled chaos.  We are not a loud family.  Few things get me too excited.  In fact, it is rare that one of the kids will say something to cause me to immediately drop everything and come running.  But it happened today.
I was working on the computer (I'm taking two on-line classes).  My son was prancing around the  main level of the house having intermittant conversations with me since I was the only one up.  He was in the dining room and said rather calmly, "So, how did these bees find a way to get into our house?"  I dropped everything and ran to the room to explore.  I had visions of bees finding a crack in a window seal and funneling into the house.
Someone needs to explain to my son that bees in the house means they are flying around our dining room.  These were simply trying to build a nest (as they do every year) behind the shudders outside of our dining room window.  When my heart rate returned to normal, I went back to finish my online work.  All was calm again.

Monday's Run

I went for a run on Monday.  It was the official beginning for a heatwave.  When I got up this morning, all of the windows were covered in steam.  I ate a light breakfast (I have never figured out how people can run without eating a meal) and planned to take off early. 
By the time I actually got my shoes laced up and stepped outside, it was 10:30.  I don't know where the previous two hours since breakfast went.  Since it was so hot, I told myself I'd run really slow two-miler.  Actually the run was very enjoyable.  Best part of running in the heat is that us more mature runners do not need to spend a mile warming up--our muscles are instantly loose. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Shouldn't Look, But I Have To . . .

Have you ever known there is something disgusting (like unidentified objects stuck to the bottom of your table at a restaurant) or awful (like an accident scene you pass in your car) in your line of sight and you KNOW you should not look, but you just cannot help it.  Well--every Fourth of July I have the same problem.  It is the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island.
This year's victor:  Joey Chestnut.  He devoured 62 hot dogs in approx. ten minutes.  It's so gross.  It's so disgusting.  But I cannot help but watch it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Need My Driver's License?

I am struggling with my first real sinus headache/infection.  I have discomfort from my eye tooth to my nose to the outside of my eye/temple.  It started Tuesday--and has not gotten better (or worse) since.  Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to get some over-the-counter sinus medicine.  I'm not big on medicine other than Aleve or Alka Seltzer for really bad headaches.  In fact, I haven't been on any real medication since the antibiotics I took after I delivered my oldest child.  Obviously I haven't made any "meth" lately either. 

I did know that some cold/sinus medications had to be purchased by taking the little card on the aisle and bringing it to the pharmacist.  The pharmacist must have thought I was crazy when I was shocked she was asking for my driver's license.  Sorry--I'm a first timer.  I haven't been carded in YEARS!  I think I'll stay in my boring, quiet world and just soak in a hot tub with my bath salts--WHAT?!?!?  You need my id for that, too?

My Weekend Alone

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend alone.  I needed the solitude.  And just to prove my point that my kids run me ragged, the oldest was not back for more than forty minutes before she needed a ride to a friend's house for a birthday party/sleepover.  No rest for the weary (even if they had the weekend off!). 

My husband has informed me that he will only be doing this once every 14.5 years.  I'll only get one more weekend of solitude before I retire!  I better start planning now!

Need Motivation?

We all lack a little motivation from time to time--well, at least I do.  A friend sent me a link to this video.  The woman in the video was diagnosed in 1994? with ALS and was given three to five years to live.  She has the deck stacked against her, yet she creates wonderful art.  Amazing 

Ryan Michaels--Life Is For the Living

I used to run fairly high mileage (slowly), but after I ran my fouth marathon in '09, I've really lacked the motivation to keep moving.  I hit little spurts, but nothing has sustained my interest.  Being a wanna-be runner, the athlete in this video also inspires me to lace up my shoes a run a couple miles. I was using the excuse that I was too old to be running--ha!