Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Need My Driver's License?

I am struggling with my first real sinus headache/infection.  I have discomfort from my eye tooth to my nose to the outside of my eye/temple.  It started Tuesday--and has not gotten better (or worse) since.  Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to get some over-the-counter sinus medicine.  I'm not big on medicine other than Aleve or Alka Seltzer for really bad headaches.  In fact, I haven't been on any real medication since the antibiotics I took after I delivered my oldest child.  Obviously I haven't made any "meth" lately either. 

I did know that some cold/sinus medications had to be purchased by taking the little card on the aisle and bringing it to the pharmacist.  The pharmacist must have thought I was crazy when I was shocked she was asking for my driver's license.  Sorry--I'm a first timer.  I haven't been carded in YEARS!  I think I'll stay in my boring, quiet world and just soak in a hot tub with my bath salts--WHAT?!?!?  You need my id for that, too?

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