Sunday, December 15, 2013

Morning Peace And Quiet?

I've been out of writing . . . again just because I haven't prioritized "writing" time as well as diligent bloggers do.  I've also been missing reading some of my favorites since Google dropped Google Reader, but anyway . . .

I was catching up on all the buzz of my family and friends on Facebook this morning.  One of my friends posted a beautiful picture of her tree and commented about the peace and beauty of the morning before everyone gets up.  I can relate to this feeling--often pre-dawn hours before the other 4 (the dog gets up with me) in the house are up and needing is a blessed time.

Then my husband comes down the stairs at an early hour for him on a Sunday.  "Do you hear that?  I think we have a cat in our house?"  After exploring, I think we have two cats that are courting just below our bedroom window.  Who knew cats could make such noises (more like a wild beast sound) and so loud?!?!?  I tried to pick up a little snowball to toss toward them to scare them away--the ground is now frozen after yesterday's rain/ice.  I walked outside and tried to yell at them.  I got about six yards away--they still did not move and continued making noises.  I saw Pet Cemetery when I was young--and I am certain the one cat (though it was too dark outside to confirm) was giving me that look with accompanying sound.  I went back inside.  Not wanting to spend time getting my rabies shots a week before Christmas, I ran inside and locked the door (the door locking was just in case Stephen King was in town!)!

So much for peace and harmony!  Tis the season!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stupid Gifts Blog

I think someone ought to start a "Stupid Gifts" blog.  I have the first item that he or she may want to review.  I was standing in line to purchase a gift after work one day, and I scanned the "stocking stuffers" displayed.  Of course these items are always under $10 and meant as an add-on because after standing in line for ten minutes, you have convinced yourself that someone you know cannot live without this item.  I did not, however, fall into the marketing trap.  I was laughing at the desperateness of coming up with said items.

The winner of the stupidest item on the rack was the head scratcher.  As my joints no longer bend the way they used to, I get the back scratcher.  But a head scratcher?!?!?  It actually would require a more complicated body contortion than would be worth it.  Actually, the item itself for some reason really creeps me out; it reminds me of a spider trying to eat my head.  Who knows . . . maybe I should go back and purchase one to have wrapped under the tree for that hard-to-buy-for person.  Naw . . . a box of chocolates is much more practical!