Sunday, December 15, 2013

Morning Peace And Quiet?

I've been out of writing . . . again just because I haven't prioritized "writing" time as well as diligent bloggers do.  I've also been missing reading some of my favorites since Google dropped Google Reader, but anyway . . .

I was catching up on all the buzz of my family and friends on Facebook this morning.  One of my friends posted a beautiful picture of her tree and commented about the peace and beauty of the morning before everyone gets up.  I can relate to this feeling--often pre-dawn hours before the other 4 (the dog gets up with me) in the house are up and needing is a blessed time.

Then my husband comes down the stairs at an early hour for him on a Sunday.  "Do you hear that?  I think we have a cat in our house?"  After exploring, I think we have two cats that are courting just below our bedroom window.  Who knew cats could make such noises (more like a wild beast sound) and so loud?!?!?  I tried to pick up a little snowball to toss toward them to scare them away--the ground is now frozen after yesterday's rain/ice.  I walked outside and tried to yell at them.  I got about six yards away--they still did not move and continued making noises.  I saw Pet Cemetery when I was young--and I am certain the one cat (though it was too dark outside to confirm) was giving me that look with accompanying sound.  I went back inside.  Not wanting to spend time getting my rabies shots a week before Christmas, I ran inside and locked the door (the door locking was just in case Stephen King was in town!)!

So much for peace and harmony!  Tis the season!

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