Thursday, December 30, 2010

Email Blogging

Who knew you could blog by sending an email?  Very cool.  If only I had a phone that sends/recieves emails.  Five weeks until my birthday . . .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thirty Dollars for a Tooth?!?!

My son has been waiting for one of his teeth to fall out.  Most of his friends have lost a tooth (and he's one of the older students in his class).  The dentist told us at our regular check-up in October that there were no signs of losing any soon.
After seven years, two months, and thirteen days of waiting, my son lost his first tooth!  It occurred on Christmas morning . . . and during mass.  Aunt Sheila (my sister) told my son that the tooth fairy just might bring $30 for just such a coincidence.  Though funny (for Aunt Sheila), the tooth fairy brought the big $5 pay-out for a first tooth.  It is a dollar here on out (unless she has to pay that dollar-a-day late fee).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.

Merry Christmas!

Travel Routines

For the past ten or so years, our extended family (parents, g-parents, siblings, etc.) live six hours away from us.  Every year at Christmas, we spend a few days at one side of relatives, drive five hours Christmas day, and spend a few days at the other side.  This year--we are only spending four nights out-of-state.  Nonetheless, the travel routines are still in place. 
My husband usually insists on driving--which means he's in control of the radio.  Six hours of sports radio there, five hours in the middle of our trip, and six hours back.  It also means he's in control of the temperature in the van.  This leads to my routines for sanity.

Today's travel outfit is typical.  I have on a pair of jeans over my running tights, three shirts/sweatshirts, socks, and running shoes.  I'm thinking of breaking routine and also packing a blanket--my husband is very warm blooded; I'm a cold-blooded lizzard. 

I also pack two "play-aways" from the library with the corresponding book.  I listen to the recorded book on the mp3 player w/ headphones.  If it's really good, I finish reading the hard copy when we get to our destination.  I wanted the Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo since I've started it; however, the library did not have it.  Instead, I'll be enjoying Shutter Island.  Let the driving begin!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Inebriated David Hasselhoff

I went running today for the first time in just over a week.  I'm really trying to do some running this winter (never really done this before) so I can run a spring half-marathon.  We had a surprise snow storm that cancelled school on Thursday, but today was warmer.  When I set out to run, it was 30 degrees. 
From my house to the "main road" is a short half mile.  I knew I would run in the road during this part of my 3-miler.  I hit the "main road" thinking the sidewalk would be shoveled.  It is a 4-lane highway with many bus stops.  The sidewalks were not shoveled.  No matter--I was going to run.

I can only describe the next mile and a half of my run through the snow as equivalent to an inebriated middle-aged, out-of-shape David Hasselhoff running in snow versus the sand.  I was the antithesis of gracefulness.  It was twice the workout.  Fortunately I run so slow on normal runs that my running time was not that far off.  I'm sure as I was slipping, sliding, waddling, and hurdling through snow and small drifts I was using muscles that are not normally use.  I bet I'll be feeling it tomorrow!  Nonetheless--I did it!

Checking for Clown Make-Up?

One of the perks of attending a Catholic school is that our children are required to wear uniforms (no fights about clothing on school days) and they are not allowed to wear make-up or fingernail polish.  Now, I have visited the junior high enough to know there are many students "stretching" that rule.  Obviously, the stretching went too far, and the students had to be reeled in a bit. 

The school's principal and school nurse did a make-up check on the students--sending some to the bathroom to clean up.  One of my daughter's teachers spoke to their class about how some of them are wearing so much make-up, they should be standing on a streetcorner (I'm sure . . . or at least HOPE . . . she was a little more delicate in her phraseology).  My daughter thought she was calling them clowns.  Thank goodness for our naive oldest!  Never fear--her friends informed her what it means if you are standing on a street corner.  I am glad you only have to live through junior high once!

The Quiet Game

My son's first grade homeroom has only twenty students--but a fair portion of the class can be challenging.  I hate to use gender bias, but there are seven girls and thriteen healthy, active boys. 

We had a surprise snowstorm and subsequent school cancellation on Thursday.  Friday, the last day of school before the two-week Christmas break, was undoubtly hectic as the teachers rushed to play catch-up on all of the projects they wanted to complete before all of the Christmas parties began the last hour of school.  Did I mention it was spirit day (which means out of regular uniforms AND a serbert treat).  Right after lunch, my son's class has physical education.
While sitting around the dinner table, we discuss our favorite part of the day.  Our youngest chimed in that the Christmas party was the best but gym class was second.  "Oh, but we did have to play the quiet game FOUR TIMES during gym."  I can only imagine!  That poor gym teacher may still be recovering!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vegetarian or Barbarian?

My seven-year-old son tends to be fairly sensitive and very empathetic.  He and I were at the grocery store to pick up something for supper.  I thought a rotisserie chicken and veggies would be the cure for a quick meal.  I picked one up, and my son was excited because he likes chicken.
We walked a few steps, and he mentioned he felt sorry for the chicken who was killed.  Later at supper he repeated this sentiment.  I told him if he was that sorry, he could pass on the meat but he had to learn to eat more beans and other protiens.  "No mom.  I like chicken.  I just wish they didn't have to be mean and kill them.  Maybe they can just take chunks out of them without killing them."  After thinking on that for a while, I'm considering becoming a vegetarian--ha! ha!