Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thirty Dollars for a Tooth?!?!

My son has been waiting for one of his teeth to fall out.  Most of his friends have lost a tooth (and he's one of the older students in his class).  The dentist told us at our regular check-up in October that there were no signs of losing any soon.
After seven years, two months, and thirteen days of waiting, my son lost his first tooth!  It occurred on Christmas morning . . . and during mass.  Aunt Sheila (my sister) told my son that the tooth fairy just might bring $30 for just such a coincidence.  Though funny (for Aunt Sheila), the tooth fairy brought the big $5 pay-out for a first tooth.  It is a dollar here on out (unless she has to pay that dollar-a-day late fee).

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