Monday, March 26, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

It is the end of the quarter, and I was swamped with paperwork (papers to grade, quarterly assessments to review, reports to complete, etc.).  I was cranky and took it out by complaining to my sweet husband.  He decided he was going to run two errands--one being the grocery store to take care of lunch and dinner.  (I typically shop for the week on Saturday/Sunday).  Who and when is going grocery shopping for the rest of the week?

I forgot to mention that I was at the school for several hours on Saturday--he said he would take care of Saturday night's supper.  When we returned home from church, he asked me, "What do you want for supper?" knowing I gave up fast food/restaurants for Lent.  He and the kids ate Taco Bell.  I had soup.

He came back with frozen pizzas for lunch--yum!  For supper, he fixed Prego spaghetti and placed some cheese-&-crackers on a platter--antipasta?  He also made jello--about 30 minutes before dinner.  My youngest was so disappointed to learn it takes hours for jello to set up.  My husband was just so proud of himself--mommy's little helper.  My two daughters caught on how proud he was--it was cute and funny!  However--now I am starved.  I need a REAL meal with vegetables and protein.

Heaven help us when I officially work full-time!

Monday, March 19, 2012

That's Not Too Expensive!

I was a little taken aback when I opened mail concerning details of my freshman daughter's time to order class rings.  Wow!  She really IS in high school.  I don't know if it really hit me until now.  (I'm not the quickest rabbit in the race!).  My husband was out-of-town overnight, so I used one of the 50,000 magnets on our refrigerator and pinned the flyer up so I wouldn't lose it.

My husband was assisting in dinner preparation last night, when he said, "What's this?!?!" and pointed to the flyer.  I told him how it was time to order class rings and our daughter was interested. 

"Wow!  The prices aren't too bad," he replied pleasantly pointing to the $75, $150, and $200 marks on the page.

"Uh . . . honey," I said gently.  "That money is for the DEPOSIT!"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Missed Bus & the One I Couldn't Escape

I always make sure my kids are at the bus stop BEFORE the required time--today was no exception.  I monitor them while they are waiting (nice warm March 1st morning--wierd), and thought I heard the bus stop about a block before its normal position.  Sure enough, I went to the front door and watched the bus zoom past my children.  Must be a substitute driver. 
I told them to wait a few more minutes while I got dressed to take them to school--just in case the bus circled back.  It didn't.  My husband took my daughter to her campus.  I, with my bead-head and all, took my son to his campus. 
After dropping off my son, I got back on the main road to head back home to a shower.  I was in the left lane and noticed children waving crazily from the bus in the right lane--they were my own students who I will see later in the day.  I passed the bus--whew!  I could stop waving.  Then stoplight.  Bus passed me.  More waving.  Stoplight.  This continued for about ten akward minutes.  Too bad I gave up any food not fixed in my home for Lent or Tim Horton could have saved me.  I'm sure I will hear about this later in the morning.