Monday, March 26, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

It is the end of the quarter, and I was swamped with paperwork (papers to grade, quarterly assessments to review, reports to complete, etc.).  I was cranky and took it out by complaining to my sweet husband.  He decided he was going to run two errands--one being the grocery store to take care of lunch and dinner.  (I typically shop for the week on Saturday/Sunday).  Who and when is going grocery shopping for the rest of the week?

I forgot to mention that I was at the school for several hours on Saturday--he said he would take care of Saturday night's supper.  When we returned home from church, he asked me, "What do you want for supper?" knowing I gave up fast food/restaurants for Lent.  He and the kids ate Taco Bell.  I had soup.

He came back with frozen pizzas for lunch--yum!  For supper, he fixed Prego spaghetti and placed some cheese-&-crackers on a platter--antipasta?  He also made jello--about 30 minutes before dinner.  My youngest was so disappointed to learn it takes hours for jello to set up.  My husband was just so proud of himself--mommy's little helper.  My two daughters caught on how proud he was--it was cute and funny!  However--now I am starved.  I need a REAL meal with vegetables and protein.

Heaven help us when I officially work full-time!

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