Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Break Week One

Whew!!  I got a bunch done this first week of summer.  Senior pictures for child #1, ortho consult and commitment ($1,000 less than anticipated--whoo! whoo!) as well as driving school for child #2, dentist for child #3, and a voluntary/required training for me.  The in-laws came to visit on Friday and left Sunday morning.  I looked at our side yard--which was embarrassingly overgrown.

Since the entire weekend was picture perfect weather, I talked the kids into helping me for thirty minutes.  Daddy even came out to help (on Father's Day!).  Below is the productive "after" the help.  So much better.

Heat and humidity have now entered the picture--so much for more productive days outdoors.

Monday, June 9, 2014

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Today is the first day of summer vacation.  It is a time to relax, sip drinks with umbrellas, prop up my perfectly manicured toes, eat bonbons, and read books.  Oh wait . . . that is only in the movies.  I did take the weekend off of some of the normal cooking and cleaning duties to pick up today.

Actually summer is my catch-up time, and a time to give my husband (who does not get time off) a break.  This summer I am so excited because I do not have to run child 1 & child 2 to sports practice.  Child 1 has her driver's liscence; Child 2 will be working on hers. Child 3 has "running club" two nights a week--but 1 & 2 are doing community service by helping.  I may even get out of driving to some of those!  I have a day-long training on Friday, but them I am taking a week or two off of anything school related.  It will be mindless reading and cleaning.

It takes me most of June to get the house back into order.  I gut every room, reorganize, donate, throw away, etc.  Then the family spends August to May trashing it again--ha! ha!

We need to find time to visit family six hours away.  Is that going to be one trip?  Two?  Do we drop the kid(s) off and come back?  I still need to figure this out.

Then there are the appointments:  senior pictures (WOW!), four dentists, four physicals, one gynie, and the beginning of child 2 and orthodontics.  This, of course, may require a pit stop to the oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth.  Driving school and on-road appointments.  Babysitting commitments.  Tutoring.  OK--so much for the umbrella drinks.  Playdates?  What are those?

I do love the summer with my kids.  It is the time where they are the priority.  I get to reconnect with them during walks, rainy day movies, etc.  I know these days are numbered.

After reviewing summer plans, I think I need to nap . . . nap time IS the biggest perk of summer after all.  I would choose a nap over an umbrella drink any day!