Monday, June 9, 2014

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Today is the first day of summer vacation.  It is a time to relax, sip drinks with umbrellas, prop up my perfectly manicured toes, eat bonbons, and read books.  Oh wait . . . that is only in the movies.  I did take the weekend off of some of the normal cooking and cleaning duties to pick up today.

Actually summer is my catch-up time, and a time to give my husband (who does not get time off) a break.  This summer I am so excited because I do not have to run child 1 & child 2 to sports practice.  Child 1 has her driver's liscence; Child 2 will be working on hers. Child 3 has "running club" two nights a week--but 1 & 2 are doing community service by helping.  I may even get out of driving to some of those!  I have a day-long training on Friday, but them I am taking a week or two off of anything school related.  It will be mindless reading and cleaning.

It takes me most of June to get the house back into order.  I gut every room, reorganize, donate, throw away, etc.  Then the family spends August to May trashing it again--ha! ha!

We need to find time to visit family six hours away.  Is that going to be one trip?  Two?  Do we drop the kid(s) off and come back?  I still need to figure this out.

Then there are the appointments:  senior pictures (WOW!), four dentists, four physicals, one gynie, and the beginning of child 2 and orthodontics.  This, of course, may require a pit stop to the oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth.  Driving school and on-road appointments.  Babysitting commitments.  Tutoring.  OK--so much for the umbrella drinks.  Playdates?  What are those?

I do love the summer with my kids.  It is the time where they are the priority.  I get to reconnect with them during walks, rainy day movies, etc.  I know these days are numbered.

After reviewing summer plans, I think I need to nap . . . nap time IS the biggest perk of summer after all.  I would choose a nap over an umbrella drink any day!

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