Monday, December 20, 2010

Checking for Clown Make-Up?

One of the perks of attending a Catholic school is that our children are required to wear uniforms (no fights about clothing on school days) and they are not allowed to wear make-up or fingernail polish.  Now, I have visited the junior high enough to know there are many students "stretching" that rule.  Obviously, the stretching went too far, and the students had to be reeled in a bit. 

The school's principal and school nurse did a make-up check on the students--sending some to the bathroom to clean up.  One of my daughter's teachers spoke to their class about how some of them are wearing so much make-up, they should be standing on a streetcorner (I'm sure . . . or at least HOPE . . . she was a little more delicate in her phraseology).  My daughter thought she was calling them clowns.  Thank goodness for our naive oldest!  Never fear--her friends informed her what it means if you are standing on a street corner.  I am glad you only have to live through junior high once!

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