Thursday, December 23, 2010

Travel Routines

For the past ten or so years, our extended family (parents, g-parents, siblings, etc.) live six hours away from us.  Every year at Christmas, we spend a few days at one side of relatives, drive five hours Christmas day, and spend a few days at the other side.  This year--we are only spending four nights out-of-state.  Nonetheless, the travel routines are still in place. 
My husband usually insists on driving--which means he's in control of the radio.  Six hours of sports radio there, five hours in the middle of our trip, and six hours back.  It also means he's in control of the temperature in the van.  This leads to my routines for sanity.

Today's travel outfit is typical.  I have on a pair of jeans over my running tights, three shirts/sweatshirts, socks, and running shoes.  I'm thinking of breaking routine and also packing a blanket--my husband is very warm blooded; I'm a cold-blooded lizzard. 

I also pack two "play-aways" from the library with the corresponding book.  I listen to the recorded book on the mp3 player w/ headphones.  If it's really good, I finish reading the hard copy when we get to our destination.  I wanted the Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo since I've started it; however, the library did not have it.  Instead, I'll be enjoying Shutter Island.  Let the driving begin!

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