Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our household is pretty has a pretty laid back atmosphere.  During the school year we are busy, but generally it is semi-controlled chaos.  We are not a loud family.  Few things get me too excited.  In fact, it is rare that one of the kids will say something to cause me to immediately drop everything and come running.  But it happened today.
I was working on the computer (I'm taking two on-line classes).  My son was prancing around the  main level of the house having intermittant conversations with me since I was the only one up.  He was in the dining room and said rather calmly, "So, how did these bees find a way to get into our house?"  I dropped everything and ran to the room to explore.  I had visions of bees finding a crack in a window seal and funneling into the house.
Someone needs to explain to my son that bees in the house means they are flying around our dining room.  These were simply trying to build a nest (as they do every year) behind the shudders outside of our dining room window.  When my heart rate returned to normal, I went back to finish my online work.  All was calm again.

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