Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Organic Produce Delivery

I just got my second shipment from the local organic farmer.  All these veggies and fruits just makes me want to eat healthy (plus I don't want to waste food . . . especially that for which I paid).  I need to adjust to all of the "greens."  We do eat salad--but now need to eat more.  I think at least once a week I need to make some sort of bean-and-greens soup.  I tried tonight for the first time--it wasn't too bad.  Pair it w/ a salad or a sandwhich and I think I can get most in the family to enjoy.  The toughest critic is the daddy--and he's gone for another nearly 2-week stint.  I have some more time to "perfect" things.
I'm grabbing an apple and heading to bed (I already ate the icecream bar--sssshhhhh!)

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