Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

Though my teaching certificate is 7-12 grade, I've been working in early childhood education for many years--primarily it allows me the opportunity to work part-time so I can be a full-time mom.  I have a ball teaching this age group--and have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years because I work in the world's best environment.  I take my job seriously and put quite a bit of time into planning my three mornings a week. 
We've been studying gardening and the role bugs, etc. play in God's perfect plan for our world.  Eric Carle's The Very Clumsy Click Beetle seemed like an appropriate literature component for this particular lesson . . . until . . . one child (cute as a button, of course) informed the entire class that some beetles eat poo.  After the laughter died down, my "perfect lesson" turned into a discussion of dung beetles.  Just shows who REALLY is in charge of the classroom.

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