Saturday, October 23, 2010

Running Attempt . . . AGAIN!

I've been whining about my running all summer, and just when I was developing strength and consistency--school started.  I became the lowest priority in the house.  A friend of mine runs in a group called Miles That Matter.  She's mentioned it several times over the past year, but about the first time I had just finished a marathon training by myself.  Who needs a group?
To answer my own question--me!  I now need a group, and this one seems organized and has a purpose.  The group is called Miles That Matter ( ).  A big percent of the registration fee off the top goes to charity.  I'm getting ready to head there for a dark 7 a.m. run this morning.  I'm going to train (but not run) for the Princess 1/2 Marathon at the end of February.  My new, revised goal is to run a spring half-marathon (maybe the Flying Pig--it's about an hour from my house).  So here goes attempt number 381 to get in shape!

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