Monday, October 11, 2010

Preschool Perception of Jesus

I teach pre-kindergarten at my own children's school five mornings a week.  Even though my degree is secondary education, I've worked with young kids for over a dozen years so I could be close to my own children.  I am anxious to get into my field; however, I do love, love, love what I do right now.  There is something so innocent, so exciting, and so funny about children this age. 

I was sitting with a small group and just talking about life in general.  One of the children said something, and I replied, "Isn't it awesome that God takes such good care of us."

Another child chimed in, "And Jesus, too!!!"

"I know," I answered, "Isn't that amazing!"

Another child was part of this group, but was wandering off to another area.  As he was leaving he said with his back to us, "Yeah!  Especially since he is a lamb!"  Obviously his family was having similar conversations at home.  It just made me smile.

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