Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Mom-of-the-Year Moment

My husband and I "banter" about purchasing organic milk.  He says it's a scam because it is expensive and doesn't taste like milk.  I tell him that as much milk as our family drinks (minus him), buying organic half the time isn't a bad idea.  So I was out shopping and needed milk--I bought two half-gallon cartons of organic at a warehouse store (which may or may not be relevant).  We had my sister's family of five visiting and the fridge was full, so I pour one of the cartons into the gallon jug already in the fridge--it all just fit.  That was Sunday afternoon.  All was good.
Tuesday morning my daughter opened the new 1/2 gallon and poured it on her cereal.  She immediately started whining it tasted bad.  Of course I growled at her something about how her father has her brain-washed that organic milk is not milk.  "No mom--it really smells kind of sour."  So I yanked the carton off the counter, checked the expiration date (which was good), and took a regretable big wiff.  The milk was spoiled.  Oh yes, another episode to record for my mom-of-the-year award. 

FYI--I did apologize for doubting her.  This act should win me SOME brownie points.

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  1. At least she can taste spoiled milk. I would drink it until someone else drank it and yelled that it was bad and then my mum would take away mine. Heh.