Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Year Warning . . . Three Years Ago

Three years ago I gave my husband a two year warning that we would need a new washer.  The one we had was a refurbished machine we acquired in 1998 with our first home.  The lid of the machine often had to be pushed in the middle to get it to start.  I noticed some minor leaking.  And though it stated "large capacity" washer . . . it was not.

Well, our newer dryer (7-10 years old) started taking about an hour per load to dry in addition to the loud metal-on-metal squeal it did most of the cycle.  It was time to replace both.  My only goal for the machines was something larger and quieter.
When we get to the store, my husband started punching buttons, lifting lids, inspecting the insides, etc.  Really?!?!?  In the fifteen years we've had children, I became the sole Laundry Chief.  So I asked him, "Exactly what features are YOU looking for in laundry machines?"  I got a dirty look--as if I didn't anticipate (and deserve) that response.  It probably didn't help that my daughter and I started laughing, too.   Of course, "The Look" only made us laugh harder.

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