Friday, December 28, 2012

He Doesn't Ask For Much #1

When my son was just four days old, he was in a kindergarten classroom for his sister's Star-of-the-Week family day.  He was attending the YMCA basketball games at two weeks old.  And he continues to just tag along anywhere we need him to go with rarely a complaint.  He doesn't ask for much.

At Christmas, we cover about 1,000 miles in four or five days.  He has to wait to get home to play with many of his gifts--including two very cool "gross science" experiment kits.  I promised we would do them when he gets home.

After four nights away, we finally arrived home to a snowy home--having to shovel the drive to pull into it then proceeding to unpacking the van, laundry-palooza, etc.  Got things under control and fed everyone.  My husband had a dinner engagement with friends.  The girls went upstairs to catch up on computer/texting.  My son went to the basement (aka--"kid cave") to chill and watch televsion.  I poured myself a glass of wine, lit the fire, turned on a movie only appropriate for moms, and huddled under a new Christmas gift quilt.

No joke--three minutes later, my son walks upstairs to ask, "Hey mom, if you are not too busy, could we please do a science experiment now?"  As if that wasn't sweet enough, he adds, "If you are too tired, we can wait until tomorrow."  It took mom super powers to smile, put my wants on hold, and swab bellybuttons, between the toes, ears, and nostrils.  He was thrilled.  And guess what--the wine, fire, and movie was just fine later.

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