Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sewing restart?

I don't think I've really touched my sewing machine in about two years.  Not sure why.  I'm not very good, never had a lesson, but I come from a family (grandmother, aunt, and mother--who made my wedding dress!) who have excellent sewing skills.  Well--I literally blew the dust off my machine to sew an ipad cover.

We were given ipads for the summer because our school will be implementing them for all eighth graders for the first time in the fall.  However, we did not get a cover/case . . . those will be coming in August.  I could not wait for one, nor was I going to shell out money for one, either.  Then I came across a pattern/tutorial on Pinterest.  I've never really followed a pattern, but my result cost me ZERO dollars (scrap fabric and batting I had sitting around).  I bet it took me less than an hour.  Had some difficulty in figuring it out, but it meets my needs.  I pulled the top center down to see the black-n-yellow polka dot lining.  Now . . . what to work on next?!?!

Pattern I tried to follow can be found HERE.

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