Sunday, November 13, 2011

50 Little Things #39--That Dumb Dog

Two years ago we adopted a dog from a rescue place.  She was replacing the world's greatest dog--a seven year old golden retriever male who was a gentle giant and died when he was only seven.  I waited approximately two years before getting a new dog.  I needed to get something different so I wouldn't compare to the wonder dog before.  For the first time in my life I got a female dog who is 3/4 golden retriever and 1/4 lab.  She's got golden fur, but it's black (think shedding on light carpet).  She can be a little vixen.  She has the world's worst dog breath (and that's saying a lot).  Often times she doesn't even greet me at the door--depends on her mood.  She's messy, a little demanding, and more high-strung than I anticipated.  But . . .
Every morning I'm the first one up and sit at the computer seeing what I missed when I slept.  This "dumb dog" sits by my side and just wants to be pet.  There is something calming about a crappy day and a dog with long, soft fur.  I am thankful for her.

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