Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Productive Vacation

We had fourteen days off of school for Christmas break.  Today will be the only day I actually "work," but I'll be playing catch up for the next two hectic weeks.  Nonetheless, I was somewhat productive.  I LOVE before and after pictures--they are so concrete in showing progress.

Before I started cleaning the kitchen complete with the travel cooler, snacks, garbage, mail, newspapers, etc.:

And after--I even baked yesterday and it is still pretty clean!

Progress.  Maybe a before/after picture of the dining room--the dumping ground when we return from travels.  I cleaned it, but cluttered it again with the school stuff I need to complete today.  If I get a clean "after" picture, that means I was twice as productive.

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  1. I have one particular counter in my kitchen that can't stay clutter free for the life of me. Drives me nuts. Your kitchen is so pretty!