Monday, February 6, 2012

I Survived the Jr. High Science Project

For the third . . . yes, THIRD consecutive year, we had crying the night before the science project is due.  I (the most cold-hearted mother in the world) stood and shook my head for the third year in a row.  In late October the last three years, I have informed my daughters the following:  "Please, do not wait until the last minute to do your science project.  I would be more than happy to help; however, I will NOT help the day before it is due."  Last night, as is tradition, my daughter came downstairs in tears realizing that her board she started yesterday afternoon (did I mention it was due today?) had incorrect data charts.  I looked at the clock and said, "It's 9:30--you'd better get reprinting."

The funny part of this is that my youngest cannot wait (or so he says now at the ripe old age of eight) to do a science project.  He already has his topic picked out.

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