Monday, February 27, 2012

Science Project . . . Continued

So the dreaded science project was turned in and displayed with all other classmates at the Science Fair our school hosts each February.  I was an excellent ribbon on my daughter's board, and didn't really think much else about it.  I'd say nearly 2/3 had this ribbon or the superior on it.  Overall, I think she got a "B" or "B-" on the project.
The next day at lunch (I work at the same school my daughter attends), the science teacher leans over and says, "Oh by the way.  There was a scoring error.  Your daughter made it on in science fair." 

It was one of those moments where you are happy and proud as a parent, but are simultaneously thinking "Oh crap!  Another commitment to add . . . and for something that really was not EARNED."  Nonetheless, I congratulated my daughter, and we are off to regional science fair in a couple of weeks.

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