Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 in 2011

Eleven most memorable things (good or bad) that happened to me in 2011:

*Death of a fellow 2nd grade parent
*Four friends with cancer diagnosis
*Last year to teach preschool
*Finally teaching in my field
*Oldest child's Confirmation
*Watching my middle child run so beautifully and gracefully in track
*Hailstorm/tornado that hurt no one, but did just over $20,000 damage to our home (God bless insurance!)
*Oldest daughter voted "Most Likely To Be Nice To Everyone" by her 8th grade classmates
*My husband giving me 48 hours to myself for the first time in my adult life
*Husband and I enjoying a weekend in Chicago
*My son's unprompted spiritualness--keeps me grounded!

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