Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Am Backward

I have been feeling so tired lately.  It has finally turned cold and has been overcast/rainy for the past week.  My body is trying to enter hybernation mode.  Today, I got up to get my children ready for school.  I ate breakfast with each (all three eat at a different time).  I had a semi-lengthy conversation (for a school morning) with my oldest.  My husband and I exchanged our day-in-review and the traditional kiss to all as they go out the door.  I just walked up into the bathroom to shower . . . to discover I had my sweatshirt (thankfully not the hooded type) on backward.  Not only did I not notice when I put it on in the dark--but the other four members of my family didn't.  Maybe that's why the dog has been looking at me strangely all morning.
Let's hope I get my sweater on the right way or my junior high school students will have a field day . . . then again, maybe they will not.


  1. I somehow get my underwear on inside out all the time, lol!

  2. That is exactly how I felt for the entire three weeks between Thanksgiving and our Christmas vacation. It was like trying to function under water.