Friday, June 18, 2010

Annoying Orange

Last night before going to bed, my 12-year-old daughter was talking about some annoying orange videos.  Warning:  the below link is as dumb as can be!

There is actually a series of these on youtube--after watching three of them (I couldn't take any more), I sent the girls up to bed.  What happens when you are the only adult in the house for weeks--you turn into a kid.  I pulled two oranges from the fruitbowl, drew faces on them, and planted them next to each girl's bed.

My 13-year-old came downstairs smiling.  If you don't have a teen daughter--let me assure you that smiles at parents are extremely rare.

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  1. I don't have teen aged daughters, but I've read through your blog, and we have a lot in common! I'm a Catholic school teacher, I have a son going into 1st grade, I run (or at least try!), and I tried to make a quilt! I enjoyed reading your entries.