Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Thought This Would Be Easy

So in my new "permanent" sewing area, I am working on a Mod Sampler quilt I've mentioned before.  I'm really having a time and a half--probably why I'm just a wanna-be quilter and not a REAL quilter.  I am half way done piecing the top of one quilt (I've cut out two--each daughter wanted one).  Cutting the quilt out took forever, and I have miscut pieces (both sizewise and numberwise).  I have missewn pieces (which explains the seam ripper near my right hand at all times).  I'm embarrassed to say I've had to resew a nine-patch . . . TWICE.  That ironing all seams open is for the birds.  I think there is something possessing this project--because the directions on the internet could not be clearer or more precise.  I chose this pattern for that reason.
I'm going to keep going with this--with a goal of giving the girls their quilts for Christmas.  Should I give something as a special Christmas gift when I'm beginning to think . . . um . . . in PG13 language while sewing it?!?

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