Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Never Forget--Really?

Have you heard the expression "It's like riding a bicycle--you never forget how to do it."  I could be proof that this is not true.  This weekend, our family (my husband, our three kids, and I) helped with a Ride for Life biking event to benefit Dayton Right to Life education.  What a great cause.  Since I don't even own a bike, volunteering seemed like the next best thing.  Unfortunately, the turn out was pretty low.  I decided to spend $5 on six raffle tickets for a new bike--AND I WON!  Thanks to Huffy for the donation to the event!
I tested it for the first time tonight.  My best estimate of my last real bike ride (not the stationary kind)--1988.  I'm a chicken, afraid of falling, afraid to go fast, AND have no natural athletic ability.  I managed to squeeze my breaks all the way down our sloping driveway, turn onto the sidewalk, then tried pedaling.  Twice ended up in the grass because of steering "issues."  Walked the bike back up the driveway to raise the seat.  Round two, I ended up in the grass twice.  I only rode a mile--most on a sidewalk because I don't have a helmet.  The average person could walk faster than I was riding--but I'm trying to diversify my workouts since I cannot get motivated to run regularly.  So you really CAN forget to ride a bike.

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