Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Sewing Corner

We moved into our home approximately two years ago.  I really love having more space.  Our basement is finished, and we divided it into sections:  daddy's section (for his sports memorabilia side job/hobby), mommy's section (for my sewing--but fabric is stored upstairs in my bedroom closet), and the kids' section (for the television, wii, and all the other "stuff" we don't want all over the house).   Sounds ideal, but . . .
I don't like sewing downstairs.  There is no natural light in the mommy section.  You cannot hear a thing in the basement--which does not work with three children and numerous friends/neighbors.  You also cannot hear if anyone comes to the door.  Lastly, the family dog is not allowed downstairs (daddy's rules).  When daddy was gone for a month, I decided to move my sewing desk upstairs--just temporarily.  There's this little niche in the corner of our "office"type room.  (Note the nasty dog bone near the sewing area).

Today I've declared it a permanent move.

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