Thursday, August 5, 2010

It Must Be Monday

Today was one of those typical Mondays that you have to laugh about--because it's only "stuff."  Our two vehicle family has blessed to be car-payment free for approximately ten years.  I was leaving to take my vehicle in for its 30K mile tune-up (even though my odometer is over 40K) at the dealership.  I was trying to locate my keys as my husband was leaving for work.  Then I head it--"wooooo.  wooo.  screech."  Repeat.  Screech was something that sounded like metal on metal.  My husband--who's very intelligent, but has no mechanical ability--came in.  "Maybe it is the battery," he mumbled, "Could you take me to work?"
I have only 1% mechanical ability--enough to know that a low battery does not make a high-pitch, metal-on-metal screech.  I am also intelligent enough not to say anything.  My husband informed me that "this is not a good time for this to happen."  Again, I am smart enough NOT to verbalize my retort--"When IS a good time for your car to die?"  Long story shorter, the 13-year-old vehicle (with over 130K miles) needed ANOTHER $1400 repair. 
Bad news--we now have a car payment for a newer car.  Good news--we are all healthy and have two running cars.  I guess it is a matter of perspective.  You have to admit--it is funny it happened on the proverbial Monday and on the day I was taking the "good" car to the dealership.

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