Friday, July 30, 2010

What a Sweet Boy!

My son really is the sweetest.  We joke that he's Eyeore--even temperment and never does anything in a hurry.  Because of these traits, I sometimes underestimate him and his feelings.  This past week was another example.
Daddy was on a business trip . . . AGAIN, so we decided to visit family in Illinois.  About an hour before arriving to our destination, the children and I stopped for a calm dinner at Cracker Barrel.  While waiting for our table, we naturally browsed through the store.  Eyeore asked, "Do you think there is anything dad likes here?"  I assumed he meant to eat, and I gave some half-hearted answer.  "No, mom," he corrected, "does he like anything here?"  He wanted to buy my husband a souvenier like daddy did when he went to Hawaii on business.  Like I said, he really is sweet.


  1. I have two boys (almost 5 and almost 3). Having boys really is a special thing. Your little man sounds like a sweetheart! So what did he get for his dad?!