Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Quilts

As if I don't have enough UFO's, I thought I'd start not one, but TWO more.  These two are for my daughters.  They picked out the colors.  I didn't think they would want me to make them anything, but I think they felt a little left out when I made my son a small quilt late spring.  To be honest, it makes me feel good that they still want something from mom.
I got this pattern idea from a blog--though I cannot remember which one specifically.  Here is a link to the site:  The "quilt along" gives step by step directions along with photo help.  It is just as well organized as the log cabin quilt-along I did earlier this summer.  (Thanks, Pat at  I am so thinakful to others for taking the time to share their talents and expertise with novices like myself.

This is very much the girls' style.  The top color scheme is my older daughter--it's more browns and blues.  My younger chose the greens and browns with hints of pink and blue.  These colors will match her room we just painted.  It has taken FOREVER to cut this quilt out.  I've still got six more fabrics to finish up.  Soon as I am off this computer, I'm heading to the sewing machine. 

Goal:  To finish them before school starts.

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