Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chivalry Is Not Dead . . . Well . . .

My husband and I both went for a run the other night.  He refuses to run with me.  I suspect that even though he knows he is faster, I think he's afraid I might actually keep up.  He took off first to run a short three.  I took off a few minutes later to do my second two-miler that day.  It was scorching hot--even at 7:00 at night.  Since we finished at about the same time, we decided to go for a short walk together.
We hadn't done this in a while; I enjoy spending time alone with him.  When we were walking home, there is this small stretch where we were walking in the street.  He told me to go to the inside, he'd take the outside.  I thought, "See--chivalry is not dead."  As if reading my mind he proceeded to say, "My life insurance policy is worth more than yours."  OK--we both have a twisted, dry sense of humor; however, I didn't dare ask if that was the real reason.


  1. Ha! Love it! Sounds like something my husband would say!

  2. How did you manage to get your husband to run with you?! Mine refuses, but I still hold out hope!