Thursday, July 29, 2010

Murphy's Law #1,274

Murphy's Law #1,274 states that if your house is clean, no one will visit.  If your house is a total disaster, you will have company.  Typically, this visitor will be someone who has never been to your home before.

Disclaimer:  This is not really a photo of my house.
Good search "Messy House" images--it will make you feel a whole lot better about your own messy home.

Last night, the kids and I returned home from visiting the in-laws for several days.  (Daddy is out of town on a business trip).  I was completely wiped out; thus, we did zero to unpack.  In fact, the suitcases are at the bottom of the stairs--just inside the front door.  While in IL, we acquired three lawn-sized garbage bags of hand-me-down clothes (which are laid out on the dinning room table), a super-duper extra-large jewelry box for one of the girls (it's about four feet tall, weighs a ton, and eight drawers are scattered in the dining room), an area rug with five matching throws (all in the middle of my once-clean office--drying from being shampooed), and I recieved our weekly shipment of organic veggies.  They are all over the kitchen counter along with the veggies we harvested after being gone four days and the veggies the neighbor handed me last night.  That's when a co-worker called and was going to stop by for some veggies I promised her.  I tried convincing her I'd drop them off at her house. 

What I wouldn't give to learn what she's thinking when she got back in her car!

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