Thursday, July 8, 2010


My oldest came down to leave for our first mother/daughter trip to a salon in ratty "gym clothes." I told her she could AT LEAST put on a nice t-shirt since this was a nice place we were getting our hair cut at. She was mad and mumbled while stomping up the stairs "I don't know why couldn't just go to Super Cuts--it's cheaper anyway." I was angry she made this comment but said nothing.
BEFOREKeep in mind her naturally curly hair is semi-damp in the picure & relatively under control)
Note the teeth-grit smile.

On our drive to the salon (a brand new place a friend of mine has invested tons of sweat equity) I told her that I was taking her to a nicer place as a treat for both of us; I thought she would like it. She asked what was the difference besides price. Forgive me--but I used a Taco Bell/Chipotle analogy (we're all about food at our house--ha! ha!). "Honey--you love Taco Bell. It meets your needs and is bargain priced, right?" She agreed. I proceeded, "But . . . Chipotle is reasonably priced, but soooooo much better. It has better ingredients. It's more fun to eat there. And the people who work there are happy."

When we left my friend's salon, she informed me she now "got it." In fact, she loved how her hair looked, felt, AND smelled. She informed me that it was the best haircut of her life. Given that she's a ripe old age of thirteen--what a compliment!

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