Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As Good As It Will Get

I mentioned that the UVerse installation process took eight hours versus the three or four it was supposed to take.  I used this time to clean out our office.  Below is the "BEFORE" picture.

I spent about three hours.  The stack to the left of the book case needed to be filed in my upstairs "stuff."  I'm hoping to move all my teaching materials to school this year--never to return to my home again!  The items to the right of the computer desk is my husband's "stuff."  Though I did throw away those eyeglasses receipt from 2004, I didn't want to delve into his territory . . . too much. 

I did manage to purge a brown grocery bag for paper recycling and a FULL garbage bag for other things.  Though not perfect, the office looks as good as this high-traffic area will ever get.  It makes me happy looking at before and after pictures--though much of the work is inside that ugly unit.

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  1. Congratulations! I love organizing and 'before' and 'afters'.