Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It Is Summer!!!!

I have finally checked out of my classroom.  It took longer than expected since I was told at the last minute I was switching classrooms--Uggghhh!  My 8-year-old son came with me to school for two hours and helped me finish up.  He works for Legos--win! win! for everyone!

I was hoping this summer would be MUCH quieter than last.  I think (and hope!) it will be better, but not quieter.  One daughter starts summer school P.E. on Monday.  The other starts four times a week cross country practice.  I need to look into starting at least one daughter with the orthodontist.  Same daughter turns 15.5 at beginning of July--needs driving school.  I'm doing "S.A.T. prep" with the older daughter and friend (aka--skill refresher for sophomore year); forcing the other daughter to join.  Vacation bible school.  Reading novels for 8th grade class I'll be teaching for the first time next year.  Visit to see family for a week or two in Illinois.  I need to start (again) to exercise.  I also use summer to deep clean and reorganize our home so we can systematically destroy it through the following school year.  Good thing I stopped at Sam's on my way home from school so we can eat well through the process!

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