Sunday, June 17, 2012

Will New Batteries Help?

My sister left for the Biggest Loser's Utah ranch/resort today.  She wanted to lose ten pounds before she left--which she said she did.  She wants to lose a minimum of twenty pounds the month she is there (just her and her weight loss plan--no kids, husband, etc.).  She hopes to lose another ten before school starts.  In total, she would like to realistically lose 75 pounds.
To show camaraderie with her, I have been eating better (and logging my food) and exercising.  For every ten pounds she loses, I hope to lose one (or two).  So in the past three weeks, I have gained 1.5 pounds (up three pounds from my lowest weigh-in).  I think our cheap, 10-year-old scale is askew, so I have moved it to a thousand different locations in our bathroom--same results.  So I asked my daughter to weigh her tiny self.  According to the scale, she's gained five pounds in a week (not possible).  My husband shouted out the "muscle weighs more than fat" crap to me--I shot him a dirty look.
I changed the battery in the scale; I gained one pound (vs. two) for the week.  My daughter's weight seemed more in line from previous weeks.  My husband then shouted, "What is this?  Change the battery until you get the weight you like?"  I off to buy new batteries--ha! ha!

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