Monday, March 21, 2011

Bars on window

My older daughter had a volleyball game at 8 p.m. at a gym 20 miles away--so I knew it would be late for her on a school night.  I really despise driving in the dark and have zero sense of direction, but the household daddy was gone and the directions seemed easy. 
Somehow I missed the signs for the interstate.  As is very typical for me, I was not lost--I just wasn't where I wanted to be.  After manuveuring around for about ten minutes, Ms. Naive asks me, "Why are there bars on the windows?"  I told her that some neighborhoods do this for protection against crime.  "Why don't they [people in these neighborhoods] move somewhere safer?"
I was dumbfounded.  I thought my husband, the school she attends, and I did a good job educating our children about the plight of others less fortunate.  I guess she is just so far removed from these concepts, some of these simple things never occur to her.

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