Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Losing It . . . Again

It's been a hectic week with volleyball games, dance chaperoning, track practices starting, working, school parties, and my husband going out of town.  I have been trying to fight off a migraine.
I completed the school party for first grade--it's Shrove Tuesday (as I've been told that is how "Yankees" say Mardi Gras).  I came home for an hour before running my daughter to practice.  While she's at the gym, my son and I run to Target to get him shoes for track.  We return to the gym to pick up my daughter, but we had to wait about ten minutes.  I talked with another mom while my son played with the stray volleyballs.  My daughter and I started to walk out of the gym only to realize that I left my son in the gym.  I'm losing it . . . again! 

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