Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Is Better Than None

Wednesday the "big cold front" was supposed to tear through our area and bring rain, storms, etc.  At 3:00 when school let out, it was rumbling thunder and VERY windy.  My husband had a late committment, so I decided I would not drive up to running club and eat a big dinner with the children instead. 
As I was finishing my dinner, my son went out to play where I could see him.  I went outside after eating a huge salad and 20 lbs. of tortellini, and it was approximately 55 degrees and sun-shining!  I guess I WAY missed the boat.  I was able to run two miles before our poorly lit neighborhood was too dark to run.  I guess a little is better than none.  That was my only mid-week run since my seven last Saturday and my 6-8 this Saturday (I hope). 

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